My name is Jutta Beßler and I have been living in the city of Cologne, Germany, with my husband since 1998. Before studying to become a translator (Diplom-Übersetzerin) for the source languages English and Spanish at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, I successfully completed vocational training to be an Insurance Clerk (Versicherungskauffrau) with a major German insurance company, after which I worked for five years in this field.

After successfully completing my studies in translation I worked as an intern at a translation agency in project management. In this role, I gained an insight into the day-to-day work of a project manager, translator and editor. After this I became a freelancer, and primarily translated texts from the railway, logistics, tourism and insurance industries.

In February 2010, I was employed by SCI Verkehr, a consulting firm in the transport sector, as an in-house translator.My responsibilities included: translating, editing and proofreading of a weekly newsletter, multi-client studies, marketing flyers, press releases, reports and analyses (specialist fields transport and logistics), and supporting/vacation cover for the editorial director of a newsletter. I returned to freelancing in August 2013.


2001 to date Work on the compilation of a Spanish–German phraseological dictionary at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, under the direction of Prof.Dr.Aina Torrent-Lenzen. During this project, I have been involved in the following publications:
2012 Beßler, Jutta / MarínMartínez, María Teresa / Torrent, Aina / Uría Fernández, Lucía (2012 ): “Rapidez y emocionesenlaslocucionesadverbialesespañolas: unestudiofraseográfico, traductológico y contrastivoespañol-alemán”, in : Server of Cologne University of Applied Sciences; Archive Server of the German National Library
2009 Beßler, Jutta / MarínMartínez, María Teresa / Torrent, Aina / Uría Fernández, Lucía (2009): “Presentación del proyectoDiccionarioespañol-alemán de locuciones del español de España de Colonia/Hamburgo”, in: Cooperative University Publication Server NRW (KOPS)/Online Publication System University of Stuttgart, http://opus.bibl.fh-koeln.de/volltexte/2009/199/pdf /Proyecto_diccionario_locuciones.pdf